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What Is Key Hire Recruitment Consulting

We are not a recruiting agency and we are not headhunters.

Key Hire is recruitment consulting that combines recruitment strategy and talent acquisition designed for owners and CEO’s of growing businesses with fewer than 100 employees that are looking for specialized talent to keep business moving in the right direction.

We partner with your business to understand what “key positions” you need to fill immediately and also over the coming months to meet the needs of your growing business.  Think of us as your Director of Recruiting.

To do this we take deep dive into your culture and core values to create your company’s unique employee avatar and your strategic recruiting plan. We then use that information to target and engage the best candidates for your key roles.

If you find yourself

  • Turning down business
  • Having a hard time fulfilling your current business needs
  • At risk of or losing business (or even worse have lost business)
  • Being unable to grow your business

…all because you can’t find or don’t have enough of the right people.

Then we’re here to help. It all starts with a free 30-minute Strategy Session with one of our consultants to learn how your business can benefit from the Key Hire Methodology.

Recruitment ConsultingKey Hire were able to leverage their resources and years of experience to find and engage 3 high potential candidates I could have never found on my own. Ultimately, we were able to bring on a candidate that exceeded our expectations and are very excited to have join the company.

– Kevin Stevens, President

Pollution Systems

Why Key Hire Recruitment Consulting

We understand that traditional recruiting agencies or headhunters probably don’t work for you.  They are too expensive and they can’t find you the specialized talent you need.

As a result we created a totally different recruiting model with mid-sized business owners in mind.

Key Hire Recruitment Consulting consistently works:

  • For companies with 12 employees doing $5 million in yearly revenue to Fortune 500 companies.
  • In any industries ranging from Integrated Security, Pollution Control, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Industrial Rentals and more.
  • For virtually any position from the C-Suite to Technical Leads/Managers, Sales/BD, Engineers, Software developers, accounting and more.


We Take Recruiting Off Your Plate

We become your “Director of Recruiting” and take care of every detail of your recruiting from cradle to grave. All you have to do is conduct interviews and decide which candidates you want to hire – we do everything else.

You Get Countless Hours Back

On average business owners spend 25-50 hours per hire. Our clients average 2.5 – 5 total man hours per hire.  Imagine how much more you could get done with an extra 22.5 – 27.7 hours per hire to put back into your business?

Affordable Payment Schedule

Big agencies and headhunters charge 20% – 30% of total compensation per hire due at time of hire –  that’s a lot of money.  We understand how important cash flow is to you, so we created an affordable, fixed fee payment structure that’s easy on your P&L.

You’ll Hire Difference Makers

“Best of the worst” candidates won’t take your business to the next level.  We deliver high performing A-Players with the skills and experience you need to that will hit the ground running and keep your business moving forward.

Lower Your Tunover/More Profits

Happy employees stay around for a long time.  Our proprietary recruitment process allows us to target and engage people that are the perfect fit for your business. We guarantee that our people that will stay long-term.

recruitment consultingOver the last 16 months, our company has grown from 47 employees to 76.  We have not only grown in number; we have grown in quality.  Key Hire has brought us difference makers.  The have single-handedly enabled us to build a team that exceeds customer demands.  I trust that Key Hire will remain a key component to our overall success for years to come.

– Shaun Castillo, President

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