Seven Hiring Tips For Small Business Owners
To Grow Your Team and Business.


“I’m on my way, I’m making it”


Are you ready to hit the “Big Time” with your company?  What does that even look like?  Who helps lead you there?


When Peter Gabriel wrote the song “Big Time” he was making fun of “big shots”. He warned of the trappings of success – not the hard work that gets you there.


And hiring the right people is very hard work. The people you choose to drive growth are what will you get to the big time for your company. That’s where Key Hire Recruiting Solutions can help you bring your vision to life.


We can provide you with the strategies, processes and, tools to help you hire High Impact Talent, and High Impact Teams (HIT) that position and prime your business for growth.


Hire Right, Not Over.
Hiring Tips For Small Business Owners.

And we help you understand why you should never hire talent to handle the growth you already have. You want new blood– leaders who will drive the growth you want for the future.


1. ABL (Always Be Looking)

Finding talent is not a sporadic, knee-jerk proposition. You should ALWAYS be on the lookout for potential High Impact Talent. You never know when the opportunity for growth may happen. Always keep your ear to the ground for the rumbles of what talent might be available to help vault you to the next level of success.

Our article “WORKING MAN” – HOW DO YOU ATTRACT GOOD EMPLOYEES will help you with that.


2. Find & Feed Passion

Finding skill sets you need is only part of the equation when looking for HIT. You also want the right personality and person with passion. And when you find that person, feed them opportunities they can get excited about and feel the passion for.


3. Hire To Create Growth

Again, don’t hire for what you need to be done now. Hire for what you WANT done tomorrow. You don’t want talent that can manage the business you have. You want HIT that has the capacity to drive your business forward and create the growth that will create future success.


4. Cough Up The Dough

There’s no other way to say it: don’t be cheap. Pay people well. This is not an expense. You can’t look at it that way. Paying an extra ten or fifteen grand might very well be the best investment you can make in your new hires. And your success.


5. Get A Little Uncomfortable

Good business owners know that getting out of their comfort zone is a good thing. Nothing great ever came out of simply being good all the time. Break some molds. Take some chances.



6. Fill A Position You Don’t Have

Sometimes, you need to blow up the org chart. Growth also sometimes emerges from creating room in your talent lineup for a position you might have or even thought about. This a healthy thing. Your org chart should be an organic, living thing capable of changing as your needs change.


7. Never Settle

Just don’t. Period. Ever.


Once again, thanks for tuning in and I hope you got value from our Seven Hiring Tips For Small Business Owners. Don’t change the dial and watch for our next installment of how to make your company Big Time and create HIT after hit.


Thanks for reading!

Corey Harlock – Principal Consultant

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