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20 Mar


When Is The Right Time To Upgrade YOUR Talent?


“So if you’re tired of the same old story, Oh, turn some pages.”


Most people wouldn’t know the name, Terry Luttrell. But chances are if you say “Kevin Cronin” they will identify him as the lead singer for 70s/80s powerhouse rock band REO Speedwagon, replacing a lackluster Luttrell.


With Cronin fronting the band they cranked out chart-topping hits like “Roll With The Changes”, “Take It On The Run” and “Keep On Lovin’ You.” And, went from playing high school proms in Illinois to becoming one of the most successful arena rock acts in the country! 


The band knew that the material they wanted to write and record needed a better, more powerful singer. The rest is rock and roll history.


Who are your future stars? Perhaps the better question is, when and how do you know you even need high-impact talent to get the next level? Consider the following:


Five Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Talent To Reach The Next Level Of Success


Some companies, even with the best of intentions, can’t see the forest through their own trees when it comes time to recognize they need to seriously upgrade their talent … and reassess their organizational chart in general. With that in mind, here are some sure signs you need to make some major changes to move your company forward.


1. Productivity In Key Areas Is Slowing

When organizations grow rapidly, leadership often lags. Leaders at all levels may well lack the skills to model and coach, and they often don’t know how to truly unleash the potential of their employees. This creates a deficit at both the top and bottom of your leadership pipeline, making it difficult to sustain growth.


2. Growing Tension Or Disengaged Workforce

Engagement is often the area where organizations see the most need for a “culture” transformation. A highly engaged workforce has a greater willingness to participate, initiate and take more ownership of outcomes. If you’re seeing increased turnover rates, lackluster performance, difficulty recruiting high-quality talent, negative employee surveys or a lack of innovative ideas, you may have a culture of disengagement.


3. Missed Opportunities

Although opportunities for improvement have been identified in your organization, complacency is getting in the way of taking effective action. Your organization’s workforce may be missing opportunities to improve processes, eliminate waste, increase productivity or make the move to new technologies. These are key indicators that your culture is no longer supporting, encouraging and enabling employees to act on these opportunities, even though doing so improves not only their success but also the organizations. That’s a sign you need new leadership.


4. Lack Of Skilled Leadership

Business challenges are changing, but your leaders may not have kept pace. When organizations grow rapidly, leadership development often lags. Leaders at all levels may very well lack the skills to model and coach. Or they may simply not be equipped to know how to truly unleash the potential of their employees. This creates a deficit at both the top and bottom of your leadership pipeline, making it difficult to sustain growth.


5. You’ve Stopped Taking Risks.

The time your company starts “playing it safe” and shrinking away from taking risks is the time it is well past due to bring in fresh talent eager to “push” you and your workforce to higher levels in just about every area. Leaders with a fresh perspective can be exactly the new life’s blood you need to recharge your energy across the board and show your entire workforce you are looking to the future.



Any of one of these signs is a call to arms.  Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your org chart, your hiring practices and the kind of leaders you will require. Don’t let the day-to-day grind of running your company prevent you from keeping your finger in the wind and your head turning to do all you can.  Don’t fall prey to the creep of “business as usual.” And, don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your talent.


For more on how to upgrade your talent, check out “We are the Champions” –  Chart Topping Talent Strategies.


Stay tuned to our next installment of how High-Impact Talent can transform your business from being evolutionary to truly revolutionary.


Thanks for reading!


Corey Harlock
Principal Consultant

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