07 May


Hiring High-Impact Talent Is An Investment,
Not An Expense.


“You can’t always get what you want,
but if you try sometimes you just might find …

…You get what you need.”


And there you have it. Maybe you want somebody who is affordable. Seems prudent on the surface.


But what does that mean? It means you get what you pay for.


Money should be a serious consideration when you are looking to hire for a new “key” role or upgrade an existing “key” position in your growing business. Hiring High-Impact Talent (HIT) can transform and grow your business – fast. Hiring anything less can leave you scratching your head wondering why you’re still doing most of the work. Or, worse, you hire a boat anchor that does serious damage to the business you’ve spent so countless hours (and dollars) building.


There is No Better Investment than Hiring a HIT.


Hiring the exact HIT you really need is a lot more important than saving a few bucks. Of course, we are talking in reasonable terms, but you get the idea. Most business owners think you need to hire people that can grow with their company. We believe you should hire people your business can grow into, people with more experience than you have ~ or think you need ~ today. People with the capacity to improve and position your business for fast, controlled growth.



High-Impact Talent usually isn’t unemployed or surfing job boards. These are the people that will bargain and take less now with a promise for more later. (Yeah, right.) Some will just buckle under pressure or end up being a “rental player” who would leave easily if they got the right offer.


HIT people are usually gainfully employed, rather content and doing well in their current role. They aren’t necessarily even thinking about making a move. And even if they have thought about, it’s usually a passing thought. Put simply: they’re happy where they.


How do you Target and Engage a HIT?


Sure, there are “bargains” out there; the young Turks with the moxie and smarts to learn, adapt, and apply out of the gate. A rare breed. You’d have better luck buying a lottery ticket. They know what you need to grow your business and that is VALUABLE, you can teach them the rest!

HIT pros are seasoned and savvy … and usually at the top (or over) your range. But again, you have to be forward thinking here. This is not an expense; it is a wise investment because the ROI will be on a short, fast arc.

Make these valued HIT pros an offer they can’t refuse. Let them know you want and need them specifically and offer an appropriate package and position of leadership that is hard for them to resist.


You Can Take This To The Bank:
5 Reasons HIT Pros Won’t Come to Work For You.


1. For a pay cut and a promise to make more down the road
2. For a pay cut or lateral move because they don’t know your business
3. If there is not a clear vision for company growth
4. If there is not a clearly defined path/growth for their career
5. If there is not a clearly defined comp/incentive plan



This list could be easily doubled with other reasons that High-Impact Talent are sometimes hard to budge or nudge toward some companies. Don’t be that company owner or leader. The smart money is on looking to the future and making the kinds of financial decisions that will help you achieve your vision.


Speaking of vision, our article “Psycho Killer” – Toxic Employees = Business Killers is a sober reminder of how to identify poor hires and avoid the toxic environment they can create.


Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for our next installment of Talent, Tunes, and Tidbits.


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Corey Harlock
Principal Consultant


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